Version 5.0

Take Control and increase profits NOW!

  • Accurate food and liquor inventory
  • Simplified ordering and purchasing
  • Reliable actual and theoretical usage
  • Detailed recipe costing
  • Powerful enterprise reporting

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Optimum Control

For 20 years, customers worldwide have saved time and made more money with Optimum Control – our newly designed platform will help you grow your business and your profits faster, easier, and with even greater detail.

Optimum Control


Track your actual versus theoretical variances on all inventory items with precision – no more guesswork!

A fresh new layout and dashboard for easy access to the information you need. One-click reporting makes your job easier and quicker!

  • Live views on dashboard of sales, purchases, upcoming events plus much more.
  • See more information by instantly searching for any information on items, recipes, and reporting with one click on a mouse.
  • View information at a glance with Calendar Views for all invoices, sales, inventory catering and much more.
  • Enhanced customized import and export functions to help interface data.

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Simple, easy-to-use design and dedicated support – your entire team can learn and use our software with minimal training to achieve maximum results.

A platform that is built for today’s world – icon based interface and large screen format allows for a more intuitive user experience!

  • Larger, sizable entry windows to maximize your desktop.
  • Icon-driven information – use icons to find what you need quickly.
  • On-board help file and search function to find anything you are looking for.
  • Invoice imports are now more intuitive, giving even quicker results.
  • Prep recipe instructions can now be formatted or imported from Word.
  • Automatic calculate Prep sheets based on sales data.

*Subscription required to use the OC Mobile App on Apple Devices.

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Optimum Control
Optimum Control


Increase and maintain margins and eliminate costly errors to reduce costs and increase profits!

It’s all in the numbers: accounting and reporting made better with version 5! We’ve added more features and options for you to increase profitability.

  • Period Accounting to lock down the dates you need and add lockouts if you like.
  • More in-depth accounting reports and budget variances for immediate performance tracking.
  • All reports are exportable to Microsoft Excel in a consistent format, making for easy data management.

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Complete management solution – gain operational visibility across your entire hierarchy to drive and maintain optimal performance.

Real-time consolidated reporting and recipe management synchronizes your entire multi-location chain.

  • Recipe and database management completely in the cloud.
  • All reports are real-time as work is done.
  • Scheduled reports can be automatically emailed to contacts.
  • Multi-concept management all under one umbrella.

*$30.00 per month additional per store/location.

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Optimum Control

Features & Benefits

Work smarter and simplify your workflow. Let Optimum Control do the heavy lifting in your restaurant and bar inventory management, lowering costs and maximizing profits. There are dozens of reasons to choose our inventory management software and app to boost your business and productivity:

Recipe and Food Costing

Recipe and Food Costing

  • Determine the exact cost for every food and bar recipe on your menu.
  • Include detailed preparation instructions along with pictures of the recipe.
  • Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage.
  • Calculate nutritional analysis and allergens on every menu item.
Sales Analysis

Sales Analysis

  • Analyze the theoretical cost of goods.
  • Import item sales from most POS systems.
  • Itemize waste by raw item or finished recipe.
  • Create a cost-of-goods report daily.
  • Cost-out catering and banquet services.
Ordering & Purchasing

Ordering & Purchasing

  • Order from multiple suppliers at once.
  • Export orders to many popular suppliers.
  • Track price changes with flow through to all recipes.
  • Import invoices electronically.


  • Count your food and bar inventory by full case, split case and even recipe units.
  • Customize count sheets to match your inventory storage locations.
  • Enter counts for as many locations per item as needed.
  • Detail amounts of batch recipes on hand.
  • Value inventory using FIFO, Last Cost or Average Cost.

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*Includes Technical Support & Updates

To register for the upgrade please complete the form below. This form is valid for existing customers only that have purchased OC Professional or OC Enterprise. Please note that V5 is only available for OC Professional single store/workstation users and OC Enterprise users. We will announce when V5 is available for multiple store/workstation users.

Update: Version 5 has been so well received that we have a wait list for the upgrade, once you fill out the request please allow 1-2 weeks for us to contact you.

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