Big E Steakhouse & Saloon

Big E Steakhouse & Saloon is a large and very busy steakhouse located at the Grand Canyon — we are a remote location for our vendors and as such our pricing is always in fluctuation. We started using Optimum Control in 2013 when we changed our POS system to Aloha. I will tell you that it took several days of very tedious data entry to get Optimum to be optimum — but is has been a real cost saver and menu development tool that would take hours trying to do in a spreadsheet or by hand. The amount of quality reports you can get are also amazing and easy to read and use in your everyday business. but you must be diligent to get the continued blessings this system will give you! By entering every invoice, you can quickly spot a trend in upward pricing — it forces you to review every invoice.

Please check with your vendors, suppliers, or purveyors to see if they can transmit invoices directly into Optimum Control. If yes, this may affect how you create new items in the program. I built all the items and then after the fact found out my largest vendor to export directly into Optimum Control. but since they were not a perfect match in descriptions – they become exceptions – so I am unable to use what would be hours of labor savings.

Final suggestion is to get OC Mobile. You are able to export inventory count sheets directly into a tablet and then easily take a full inventory or partial on the tablet and then export it back into your Optimum Control System – This also saves man hours on hand keying inventory counts.