Multi-Unit Chain Solutions

Gain visibility into your operations from a top-down view with consolidated cloud-based reporting.

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Maintain Recipes from Head Office

  • Recipe sets can be created and exported from head office to the entire chain, or just select a region, group, or store.
  • New recipes will be added automatically and can be printed at store level.

Consolidated Reporting

  • Stores upload data to head office with the click of a button.
  • Head office can view reports by company, region, or store.
  • Each report has drill-down information for maximum decision-making.
  • View usage, sales mixes, costs, and purchasing.

Make Corporate Decisions Easier

  • Identify issues instantly.
  • Identify what is popular on your menu and what is not.
  • See inventory items that have the largest variances chain-wide.
  • See which stores are not receiving correct prices from suppliers.

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