Bars & Lounges

Optimum Control is a leading inventory solution for bars and nightclubs. Know exactly what was served versus what should have been poured: our powerful tracking and reporting systems will help you reduce over-pour and shrinkage, putting your profits back where they belong.

Best Solutions: OC Professional with add-on’s like OC Labor Pro, OC Sales Export, Invoice Import Module, OC Mobile

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Inventory Control

  • Control all of your beer, liquor, wine and bar supply costs.
  • Customize your count sheets to match your liquor inventory room or add BIN numbers as the locations to make inventory counting a snap.
  • Bar code scanning for Pocket PC available to reduce count times.
  • Count stock in multiple bottle or case sizes.
  • Beverage managers can easily maintain strict control over their inventory to maximize profits while ensuring proper procedures and portioning are maintained.

Recipe Costing

  • Know your menu and your drink recipes – crucial knowledge to maximize your profit!
  • Cost out all your drink recipes and detail pricing to optimize profitability.
  • Make proactive decisions in order to increase profits and reduce costs.
  • Full reporting available including detailed actual vs. ideal and costing details for every recipe.
  • Import beverage sales from most POS Systems.

Purchasing and Ordering

  • Order quickly, accurately and efficiently using current sales trends and par levels to ensure you will have product available while not locking up excess dollars in your store room – inventory that doesn’t move can hurt your business.
  • Create accurate and easy orders using order sheets or use Pocket PC to create orders.
  • Forecast orders based on par levels, usage-per-day or sales volume.
  • For multiple suppliers, bids can be received and Optimum Control can select best bid price for ordering.
  • Add multiple pack sizes and suppliers on the fly and deal with substitutions quickly and efficiently.
  • Purchases are easily entered by name or order code and any price changes are automatically updated throughout the system.
  • Request credits and reconcile with the click of a button.
  • All purchases can be exported to popular accounting systems.


  • Usage Information – know your exact usage on every beer, wine and liquor in your inventory and look for problem areas and items to recount quickly and easily, saving hours of time every inventory cycle.
  • Menu engineering report – highlights your best and worst performers, based on costing and sales.
  • Sales mix reports – import your sales from your POS system and Optimum Control will calculate your costs and margins for every drink you sell. Those impacting your bottom line are easily identified.
  • Purchase detail – know what was purchased from who, what invoices and when; each purchase is easily tracked as to what was paid and how much added to stock.
  • Over 70 reports available – including price variance reports, beer, liquor and wine costs versus sales, and even problem recipes.


  • Gain complete control over the security levels and access of your employees.
  • Security can be set up to determine exactly what windows and reports can be accessed by different employees.

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