Are you looking for the perfect Restaurant Management Software? You have found it! Optimum Control  is a powerful tool to help manage your inventory and increase your profits.

You may have been toying with the idea but then convinced yourself it was too expensive ask yourself these questions:

  • • Do you know your theoretical food cost for your overall operation for last month?
  • • Do you know what you should have used versus what you actually used on all your stock items?
  • • Are you charging the right selling price for everything on your menu?
  • • If your food costs were higher this month, were would you look?

Optimum Control can provide you with those answers in an easy to use solution. It provides the solution that will show you Actual vs. Theoretical variances on every inventory item. In addition, it will also help you analyze your menu items for sales analysis, popularity and profitability. Imagine seeing your Opening and Closing Inventory Counts, Purchases, Actual Usage and Theoretical all in one place, that is the power of Optimum Control.

Here’s how to put things into perspective…

If you do 1 million in sales Optimum Control could save you as little as 1%, that’s $10,000 back to your bottom line.

Optimum Control can also save you in Labor as well. Scheduling software can make simple work of scheduling your staff, coverage of shifts and saving money. It’s all about 15 minutes in the restaurant business and if you can save ½ hour a day imagine how much that could mean per year…it could amount to thousands. Payroll exports are also usually included in these scheduling packages so you can save hours of work every pay week.

Managing your inventory involves knowing precisely what you have, what you paid for it, where it is and when you sold it. To fully understand this you need to accurately monitor your inventory from the moment it comes through the back door until it is sold to your customer. Today, the easiest and most time efficient way to do this is with Restaurant Inventory Software.

Managing inventory requires organization and a paper trail. Without proper procedures and a restaurant inventory software package in place, you can easily lose track of your inventory. Tracking each item to get an actual cost (opening inventory plus purchases less closing counts) is simple but tracking Ideal (or theoretical) usage is time consuming and this is where restaurant inventory software really shines. Each menu item and recipe can be properly priced out and once sold the correct amount of stock can be extracted from inventory.

Inventory counting is a pain at best but a necessary evil in any retail operation, as a time saver you can count only key items (top 30 or 100) as if these are controlled, everything else should follow suit. Most restaurant inventory software allows you to count what you want when you want, in some cases just counting key items will go a long way to maximizing your profit.

Simple period counts, purchases and sales mix entries will go a long way to determining, period and monthly costs. In the old days of pen and paper, it was all a manager could do to calculate food costs on a monthly basis, now with the click of a button, you can know exactly how much of every inventory item you used and more importantly, what you should have used.

Because of Optimum Control, an effective time saving approach is to calculate your food and beverage costs weekly. If there is a problem, you know about it quickly and can respond accordingly. Weekly food cost reporting will change attitudes and behavior in your kitchen because of the awareness and sense of accountability it creates.

While tracking your inventory through its cycle is detailed and painstaking work, restaurant inventory software will help in saving time while providing the information you need as an operator to maximize profits and gain proper control. If it’s true that knowledge is power, then effectively exercising control over the use of your inventory with restaurant inventory software is the ultimate weapon.

If you want to get your operation under control, don’t hesitate, get Optimum Control for you operation today. Contact us at 1-888-798-5555