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Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Optimum Control is an all-in-one software solution that makes restaurant inventory management a streamlined part of your daily operations.

Pinpoint Your Profit Leaks with the Leading Restaurant Inventory Software

Successful restaurants know how, and where, to get the information they need to increase profits, especially in the lean times.

Optimum Control allows you to easily and accurately see where your business is leaking profits, so you can control your bottom line (especially in leaner times.)

More Money.

Optimize your menu costing based on purchasing, selling price, food cost percentage, and gross profit. Save time and money by menu engineering your dishes in minutes, not hours.educe costly errors and waste from improper portion control, prep and yield.

Better decisions.

Calculate the exact cost per unit on all inventory items so you know what you’re spending. Count inventory quickly and accurately so you know how much you really need to order. Create comprehensive reports, from 70 different types, to gain real insight into your operations.

Intuitive design.

User-friendly drag-and-drop features make food and bar inventory management a breeze. Inventory software that’s easy and quick to use for your staff. Integrate your POS and accounting systems for an all-in-one hub for your inventory management.

Bar and Food Inventory Software — Featured Products

Optimum Control software contains all of the features required for restaurant inventory management, including inventory counting, recipe costing, recipe cards and detailed prep instructions, calculating optimal selling prices, and streamlined purchasing and ordering.

We also offer unique software solutions for restaurants and bars, casinos, hotels and golf courses, and multi-unit chains. We’ve also developed several add-on solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs, from apps for iOS users, to on-the-go barcoding capabilities.

We’ve thought of everything for a comprehensive, cost-saving inventory management software solution, so you don’t have to.

OC Professional is our popular all-in-one restaurant inventory software for complete control over food costing, recipe costing, ordering and more.

OC Enterprise is our web-based platform that brings powerful above-store, chain-wide management of your recipes, inventory, reporting and individual store information

OC Premier is designed specifically for multiple revenue centres so you can easily control stock transfer between units in your casino, hotel or golf course.

OC Mobile – Inventory is our add-on food and liquor inventory app for counting on the go on your iOS device (requires OC Professional or OC Premier.)

Learn more about our kitchen inventory software products and add-on solutions.

Optimum Control – Upgrade Your Restaurant Inventory Software Today

Optimum Control has seen thousands of customers benefit from our inventory management solution that focuses on saving time and increasing your bottom line.

Upgrade to Optimum Control and enjoy:

  • Customizable DashboardMake money-saving decisions even quicker with your customizable dashboard. Choose, organize and resize your own favourite dashboard tiles such as inventory item price changes, period-over-period cost of sales, orders, purchasing, sales and more.
  • Powerful Reporting and NavigationGet instant access to your data with reporting that makes sense. Simple click-through features let you drill down to item details like no other software can. Open as many reports as you need to investigate and analyze your inventory results. Print, export or open your reports in Excel to maximize the flexibility of how you use your reports in your daily operations.
  • Custom Prep SheetsUse the built-in prep sheets to calculate your kitchen’s daily and weekly ingredient needs for easier ordering and forecasting. Optimum Control will calculate exactly what you need for prep any given day based on your previous sales.
  • Enterprise FunctionalityEnhance your chain-wide inventory operations with centralized, above-store reporting and recipe management from the cloud. Security settings, including two-step authentication, allow you to configure each user’s secure access and level of access based on their role within your organization.

What Restaurant Owners Say about Optimum Control

Optimum Control is produced and designed by TracRite Software Inc. For more than 22 years, our restaurant inventory software has been used extensively by hundreds of food and beverage operators in North America and in more than 60 countries around the world.

“I have been a long-time user of Optimum Control (over 10 years) and just recently purchased OC Mobile – Inventory. Wow! It is amazing. It adds the word “FUN” into doing the inventory knowing you only have to enter inventory once. Our kitchen manager (he’s old school) loves it. We love everything about Optimum Control.”

– Mike Marcolin, Owner, QB Sports Grill

“I can’t say enough good things about TracRite, the people, and the products!! If you don’t have Optimum Control you should, it is not difficult to set up, and you will be surprised with what you learn when you establish your menu pricing and see your actual costs!”

– Robert Cawthorn, Franchisee Partner, Tijuana Flat’s

“Jeff and his team have relieved the pressure of learning a brand new, robust system all at once. The program itself covers many gaps where other programs have fallen short. It is user-friendly, with many extras built in, such as nutritional information.”

– Andrea Cintula, General Manager, Smuggler’s Inn

Get started on saving money today. Get Optimum Control.