Here’s a situation… You are selling your number one dish for $8.99 and it amounts to 8% of your total sales…do you know how much this item is contributing to, or conversely, taking away from, your bottom line. If you are like most “old school” operators, you cost out your menu once or twice a year and hope for the best. Let’s be honest it’s 2014, you need to have tight controls and to achieve this you need Optimum Control Restaurant Inventory Software to identify problem areas.

Optimum Control Software for food costing, recipe costing and menu cost control will calculate profit margins based on current costs and automatically update recipe costs with any new ingredient pricing. New margins will; be automatically calculated, showing you that favorite recipe on the menu may be the loss leader that you did not realize.

Imagine your fanciest Chicken salad that you priced at 33% last fall, after this springs lettuce pricing and chicken prices skyrocketing due to Asian Bird Flu, for the last three months the food cost has been 42%. This could be costing you thousands of dollars in your operation.

Optimum Control Restaurant Inventory software is a great way to get your hospitality operation under control, once you have identified your menu costs, continue on with inventory counting, purchasing and even catering. With a minimal investment you can realize tens of thousands of dollars per year in savings, this is money that was falling off the end of the table or being eaten by your guests.

If food and beverage software is a purchase that you have not thought about, or more commonly, are trying to put off because “you don’t think you need it”. Consider this; food and beverage software, on average, saves a typical food service operation anywhere from 2 to 5 % of their costs. Let’s do the math, if your sales are 2 million per year, and Optimum Control saves you as little as 1 % that’s $20,000 annually.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today for a Demonstration of Optimum Control and let us help you put that money back in your pocket!