OC Sales Export

Optimum Control Sales Export is add-on software that automatically exports all your product sales from many popular point-of-sale systems. Export your daily sales to file or directly into your Optimum Control management software to save time and reduce costly errors.

Bundle with: OC Premier

Price: $500.00

Or Included with OC Pro V5 Subscription

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OC Sales Export Features


  • Save time and reduce costly errors.
  • Get detailed sales reports without having to enter your sales manually.


  • Save your sales information to file or set it to automatically process at the end of each day.
  • Store your unlinked products as Pending Sales so sales mix data is never lost.
  • Get notifications if there are unlinked menu sales when logging into Optimum Control – then link directly to that product.

Easy to use

  • Connect directly to your POS system.
  • Export sales data to file or directly into Optimum Control.
  • Extract sales automatically when configured to export into Optimum Control.
  • Use Scheduled Tasks to fully automate sales extraction.

Take control of your inventory. Add OC Sales Export to your Optimum Control today.

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