OC Pro

OC Pro is our most popular restaurant inventory management software. Take control of all your fundamental business needs with our restaurant inventory processes: food costing, recipe and menu calculators, reporting, ordering, purchasing, catering, event management, and nutritional analysis – all in one easy-to-use platform.

Ideal for: Fine and Casual Dining Restaurants, QSR’s, Bars & Lounges


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OC Pro Features

With OC Pro, you get a complete restaurant inventory management system in one product. Inventory management has never been so easy, or effective.

Designed to boost profits

Optimize the profitability of your menu items based on selling price, cost percentage, or gross profit. Save time and money by developing new menu products in minutes, not hours. With OC Pro, you can also:

  • Analyze the profitability and popularity of all items on your menu.
  • Effectively plan and cost out all of your banquet, buffet, and catering events.
  • Calculate the price-per-person of your events based on selling price, cover price, or even cost percentage to maximize profitability.

Gain insight across all your inventory with built-in food costing software

Take control of your inventory with precise menu costing and food processes. OC Pro features easy-to-use software that lets you determine the exact cost per unit on all your inventory items, quickly and accurately. You can also use OC Pro to:

  • Count inventory quickly with detailed count sheets sorted by location or customized to match your storage areas.
  • Create comprehensive cost reports – more than 70 detailed report types are available, including actual vs. theoretical usage.

Easy-to–use restaurant management software

Simplify your restaurant inventory management system with OC Pro. Features such as creating forecast orders based on daily usage, sales volume, or pre-set par levels makes ordering and purchasing easier than ever. Additionally, you can identify price increases and add multiple pack sizes – all from one window. You can also:

  • Convert orders to invoices in seconds.
  • Integrate your systems by importing information from virtually all POS systems, and exporting to popular accounting systems.

Dedicated IT support

OC Pro was designed to save you time, and money, with easy and effective restaurant inventory management. Our software solutions for restaurant owners are designed to be user-friendly, and include:

  • Support for OC Pro v5 (with active v5 subscription.)
  • Support includes installing and working with any new versions, email, and telephone support.

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