OC Premier

OC Premier is our robust software solution for hotels, golf courses, resorts, and casinos. In addition to the fundamentals of inventory management for restaurants included in OC Pro, OC Premier includes valuable modules for larger multi-revenue center operations. You’ll have complete control over multiple profit centers, stock requisitions, consolidated ordering, stock transfers, usages per area, and enhanced security across all your operations.

Ideal for: Hotels, Golf Courses, Resorts, Casinos, and other multi-revenue center businesses.

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OC Premier Features


Maximize profits in all your restaurants

Our OC Premier platform allows you to optimize your restaurant’s profitability based on selling price, cost percentage, or gross profit through efficient inventory management. You can develop new menu products in minutes, not hours, for all of your units, and analyze the profitability and popularity of all items on your menu.

Built-in food costing and recipe calculator processes let you easily and efficiently:

  • Plan and cost out all banquet, buffet, and catering events.
  • Calculate the price-per-person of your events based on selling price, cover price, or even cost percentage to maximize profitability.
  • Run usage summaries, sales mix, and inventory tracking by location to track how each area of your facility is performing.

Gain inventory insight

Take control of your inventory with precise food and menu costing to determine the exact cost per unit on all of your beverage and food items. OC Premier allows you to efficiently count your inventory with detailed count sheets that can be sorted by location, or customized to match your storage areas. After you’ve completed your counts, our comprehensive reporting offers 70+ detailed reports, including actual vs. theoretical usage.

As an all-in-one restaurant inventory management software solution, OC Premier features modules to:

  • Manage multiple-costs with details on purchases, costs, and inventories for every area in your facility.
  • Set up a main storeroom area, then requisition and transfer stock to each area.
  • Add even more power to your reporting with features that consolidate information for your whole operation.

Easy-to-use restaurant management software

Simplify your restaurant inventory management system with OC Premier. Features such as creating forecast orders based on daily usage, sales volume, or pre-set par levels makes ordering and purchasing easier than ever. Additionally, you can identify price increases and add multiple pack sizes – all from one window. You can also:

  • Convert orders to invoices in seconds.
  • Integrate your systems by importing information from virtually all POS systems, and exporting to popular accounting systems.
  • Streamline access with enhanced security that assigns levels for every user – each staff member has access to only their own areas.

Restaurant solutions designed just for multi-revenue centers

With OC Premier, all stores can requisition stock from the main stores, or any other area within your operation. In each case, requisitions require approval of the sending store, a good double-check to ensure stock is transferred properly.

In addition to this, you can consolidate all requisitions by main stores to create one order for your suppliers. Once orders are received, requisitions can be made into transfers at the click of a button.

Take control of your inventory. Get OC Premier today.

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