OC Labor Pro

OC Labor Pro is an intuitive staff scheduling and labor cost management application. No nonsense and easy to use, this comprehensive add-on helps with everything from day-to-day scheduling to payroll and more.

Ideal for: Restaurant & Hospitality, Retail, Clinics, Healthcare, Offices

Bundle with: OC Pro, OC Premier or OC Enterprise

Price: $500.00

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OC Labor Pro Features


  • Detail your exact labor costs.
  • Enter a desired labor percentage – even per labor hour – and get a notification when your budget is exceeded.
  • Keep track of budgeted vs. actual hours.


  • Highlight vacation times, requested time off and availability per employee with advanced scheduling features – and get notifications of scheduling conflicts.
  • Assign staff different pay rates for different positions.
  • View a graphical representation of all shift coverage.

Easy to use

  • Drag & drop scheduling with our simple interface.
  • Integrate with your existing POS system – run and export payroll reports, ready to upload to many popular payroll systems.
  • Import punch cards from Squirrel or Aloha with the optional Import Module.
  • Create, print, email, or post online streamlined staffing schedules in minutes – eliminate cumbersome pencil and paper or spreadsheets.
  • Build your own scheduling templates to use and copy over for each week.

Take control of your scheduling. Get OC Labor Pro today.

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