Invoice Import Module

Optimum Control Invoice Import is an add-on utility that electronically imports your invoices from many suppliers, updates your prices, and adjusts your stock levels automatically.  Save time and reduce costly purchase and invoicing errors with this easy-to-use-tool.

Bundle with: OC Pro or OC Premier

Price: $500.00

Or Included with OC Pro V5 Subscription

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Invoice Import Module Features


  • Save valuable time with the ability to enter an invoice in seconds, not minutes.
  • Reduce costly errors by analyzing invoice lines and identifying errors for fast and easy correction.


  • Import, save, and track invoices from your suppliers electronically.
  • Update and monitor your prices and stock levels automatically.

Easy to Use

  • Automatically import invoices from your suppliers – any supplier that is able to export a CSV invoice file is compatible with the Invoice Import Module.
  • Find your supplier on this list of companies we’re currently working with – additional suppliers are being added as they become available.
    • Sysco
    • GFS
    • US Food Services
    • Shamrock
    • Nicholas and Company
    • Crescent Crown Distributing
    • Southern Wine & Spirits
    • Ben E. Keith
    • PFG
    • Reinhart Food Services
    • Pratt’s Wholesale
    • Roma Foods
    • International Food House

Take control of your invoicing. Add the Invoice Import Module to your Optimum Control today.

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