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Reports are available to any user that you create with Reporting Privileges. If you don’t want a user to view reports, simply remove the permissions from their account.

Export Reports in many different formats

All reports can be exported and viewed in many different formats including Excel, PDF, HTML Table, CSV, XML, and many more. This makes it easy to email to management, other locations, or Head Office.

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Most Popular Reports

Over 70 Reports Available:


  • Bar code Listing
  • Daily Waste
  • Daily Waste Summary
  • Individual Item
  • Inventory Items (Sample Report Above)
  • Item Activity
  • Item Occurrence
  • Review Inventory (Sample Report Above)
  • Review Inventory Adjustments
  • Theoretical Usage (Sample Report Above)


  • Bid List – By Item, By Supplier, Current Best Bid Price
  • Credit Request History
  • Forecasted Order Sheet
  • Inventory Order Form
  • Invoice Expenses
  • Monthly Order Sheet (Sample Report Above)
  • Price Variance
  • Price Variance- Graph
  • Purchase Detail – By Invoice, Item or Supplier
  • Purchase Summary
  • Purchase Summary by Supplier
  • Supplier List


  • All Store Sales
  • Buffet Analysis
  • Buffet Usage Analysis
  • Catering Analysis
  • Catering Usage Analysis
  • Coupon Report
  • Credit Card Summary
  • Daily Sales
  • Daily Sales Detail
  • Item Sales Detail
  • Menu Engineering Worksheet (Sample Report Above)
  • Other Deposit Detail
  • Projected Sales
  • Retail Sales Detail
  • Retail Sale summary
  • Sales Mix – By Product or Daily Summary (Sample Report Above)
  • Sales Mix by Date
  • Sales Mix Reporting Form
  • Specials Report


  • Menu Product Detail (Sample Report Above)
  • Menu Product Detail- Problems
  • Menu Product Summary
  • Prep Recipe Book
  • Prep Recipe Detail
  • Prep Recipe Summary
  • Product Recipe Book
  • Single Prep Recipe
  • Single Product Detail


  • Account Activity Overview
  • Account Purchase Detail
  • Budget Variance Detail
  • Budget Variance Overview
  • General Ledger
  • Invoice Report (Sample Report Above)
  • Profit & Loss (Sample Report Above)
  • Retail Sales by Account
  • Store Activity Overview


  • Allergens
  • Core Nutrition
  • Nutrition Guideline Comparison
  • Nutrition Links

Usage Summary

  • Cost of Sales Analysis
  • Usage Summary – Count Amounts (Sample Report Above)
  • Usage Summary – Group Totals (Sample Report Above)
  • Usage Summary – Top 25 / Bottom 10 (Sample Report Above)
  • Usage Summary – Values

Consolidation Reports (OC Premier Only)

  • Consolidated Budget Variance Detail
  • Consolidated Budget Variance Overview
  • Consolidated Daily Waste
  • Consolidated Purchase Detail
  • Consolidated Sales Mix By Product
  • Consolidated Theoretical Usage
  • Consolidated Usage Summary Count Amounts
  • Consolidated Usage Summary Group Totals
  • Consolidated Usage Summary Top 25 Bottom 10
  • Consolidated Usage Summary Values

Try Optimum Control today and see what it can do for your business.

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