Food Costing

The Optimum Control suite of restaurant inventory management software helps you optimize your business and bottom line by streamlining your food and recipe costing.

Food and recipe costing is paramount to the success of your business, and is the only true way to calculate and track your actual profits. To make sure you drive both sales and profits, you need to be able to calculate the difference your costs to prepare the recipe or menu item, and the price you can charge your customers.

By combining our desktop Optimum Control inventory management software with the power of OC Mobile – Inventory, you’re able to control your food and recipe costs, reduce waste, and boost profits. Food and recipe costing is build into every Optimum Control product.

Exact Food and Recipe Costing

With the click of a button, you can easily and instantly use our built-in food costing template to get the true measure of your menu, including:

  • Exact costs for every recipe, portion, and plate on your menu.
  • Expected yields of each prep and batch recipe.
  • Optimal price changes on your menu as purchase costs fall or rise for any recipe.
  • Most profitable selling price by cost percentage or gross margin.
  • Menu item analysis based on profitability and popularity.

Menu Engineering

We’re the leading provider of restaurant management software for a reason. Optimum Control food cost software allows you to easily and effectively engineer your menu to optimize your profits, including:

  • Analyze the profitability and popularity of all menu items
  • Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage
  • Link recipes to your POS system to identify theoretical usages
  • Update recipe costs automatically as ingredient prices change
  • Input detailed preparation instructions for batch and product recipes along with pictures of each recipe
  • Calculate nutritional analysis and allergens on every menu item
  • Quickly substitute ingredients in recipes
  • Print recipe books complete with method instructions

Restaurant Food Costing

The right restaurant food costing software will easily and instantly help you find the sweet spot where you make profits and still drive sales – achieving a balance between being affordable and making money.

Optimum Control restaurant inventory management software makes food costing an easy and accurate part of your day-to-day hospitality business operations.

Our all-in-one restaurant and bar management apps and software products combine the simplicity of managing food and recipe costs in a spreadsheet with the genius of a fully integrated and mobile solution.

Take control of your inventory. Get Optimum Control today.

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