Optimum Control Features

With products to fit organizations of all sizes, Optimum Control is designed with features to simplify your workflow and allow you to work more efficiently. Let our software do the heavy lifting in your inventory management, lowering costs and maximizing profits.


  • Increase and maintain margins while eliminating costly errors to reduce costs and increase profits.
  • Calculate your selling price based on the target cost percentage.
  • Link recipes to your POS to identify theoretical usage.
  • As ingredient prices change, your recipe costs are automatically updated.
  • Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchased.


  • Eliminate guesswork – track your actual vs. theoretical variances on all inventory items with precision.
  • Discover if you’re charging the right price for each of your menu items.
  • Indicate the expected yield of each prep and batch recipe.
  • Find the true cost per portion for all recipes
  • Include detailed prep instructions.
  • Account for all of your stock – identify what was purchased from which supplier and how much you paid for it.
  • The Usage Summary Report gives you actual vs. theoretical usage on every item – see what you used, and what you should have used.
  • The Item Activity Report displays perpetual inventory quantities and values.


  • Simple, easy-to-use design and dedicated support – your entire team can learn and use our software with minimal training to achieve maximum results.
  • No computer experience? No problem! If you know the food industry, you know Optimum Control.
  • Setup case sizes by answering a few simple questions.
  • Yield trimmed items without creating a recipe.
  • Use the “duplicate” function for similar items.
  • Database customization is available.
  • Eliminate the time spent using spreadsheets – condense everything into one easy-to-use program.


  • A complete management solution – gain operational visibility across your entire hierarchy to drive and maintain optimal performance.
  • Web-based functionality is available in OC Enterprise for chains and franchises.
  • Consolidated above-store reporting for multi-unit operations.
  • Manage inventory items and recipes from a central web portal.
  • Drill into your sales mix, purchasing, and actual vs. theoretical usages for every store.

Recipe Costing

  • Determine the exact cost for every recipe on your menu.
  • Include detailed preparation instructions along with pictures of the recipe.
  • Calculate the selling price based on target cost percentage.
  • Calculate nutritional analysis and allergens on every menu item.

Sales Analysis

  • Analyze the theoretical cost of goods.
  • Import item sales from most POS systems.
  • Itemize waste by raw item or finished recipe.
  • Create a Cost of Goods report daily.
  • Catering and banquet costing tools are available.

Ordering & Purchasing

  • Order from multiple suppliers at the same time.
  • Export orders to many popular suppliers.
  • Price changes from suppliers flow through to all recipes.
  • Import invoices electronically.


  • Count inventory by full case, split case, and even recipe units.
  • Customize count sheets to match your storage locations.
  • Enter counts for as many locations per item as needed.
  • Detail amounts of batch recipes on hand.
  • Value inventory using FIFO, Last Cost or Average Cost.

Catering and Event Management

  • Detail event times, serve times, and duration.
  • Base your quotes on selling price, cover price, or even cost of sales percentage.
  • Extract stock from inventory once events are complete.
  • Print confirmations for your clients to sign off on.
  • Display any special instructions required.
  • Keep a detailed file of events.
  • Print a shopping list for each event.
  • View a scaled listing of all preps required.
  • Automatically create an order ready to upload to suppliers.

Powerful Reporting

  • Choose from 70+ different report types, organized by category, with just the click of a button.
  • Filter reports to see the information you want and need to see.
  • Pick your suppliers based on the best price.
  • Export reports to many popular file formats.
  • Popular reports include:
    • Usage Summary – actual vs. theoretical usage on every item in your inventory.
    • Item Activity – display perpetual inventory quantities and values.
    • Purchase Summary – identify what was purchased from each supplier and how much you paid.
    • Cost Analysis – analyze cost of sales trends for up to four periods.
    • Budget Variance – identifies actual vs. budgeted values per GL account.
    • Menu Engineering – analyze the profitability and popularity of all menu items.

Nutrition and Allergens

  • Link ingredients to the USDA and Canadian Nutritional databases.
  • Enter nutritional information directly from labels.
  • Create nutritional labels for preps and products.
  • Run a report for all allergens in your products and menu items.

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