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Portion Control for Restaurants

Stop Throwing Your Profits Away.

In any restaurant, portion control is key. To drive your profits, you need to make sure proper cost margins are maintained while meeting customer expectations of a consistent product on every plate, and every visit.

All Optimum Control software is designed to help you attain the most effective portion control and menu management to protect your bottom line.

Improve Your Portions and Save Money.

Controlling the serving sizes on each and every plate that leaves your kitchen is a key component of running a successful restaurant.

Everything from the size of your burger patties, to the number of fries and the amount of ketchup that goes with them, impacts your bottom line.

It’s critical to train your staff on the proper tools and weights for portion control. As little as 1 ounce per dish over-portioned can run into hundreds of dollars per month — and depending on your sales, thousands of dollars in preventable losses and waste each year.

Improve Your Portions and Save Money.

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What is Portion Control?

Portion control is keeping your serving sizes consistent for every dish, every time. It means you have established guidelines for exactly how much of each ingredient goes into each dish, and onto each plate.

For example, if you notice you’re scraping the same foods into the garbage night after night, you may need better portion control tools and guidelines in your restaurant.

You need to ask:

  • What does your customer expect for the amount they are paying?
  • Are they receiving good value?
  • Are you overloading your plates to make it look “full” for a perceived value but that is costing you profit that is simply being thrown out?

With good portion control, and the right portion control tools, your customers get the value and consistency they want while you keep your costs from dipping into your profits.

Portion Control Tools

Eliminate guesswork. Watch Your Profits Grow.

Exact and consistent measurement means optimized yields, less waste, and more profit.Everything from measuring cups, spoons and scoops to precise recipes and instructions for achieving optimal yield will help you and your staff save money on what you serve.

Measuring cups and spoons
Recipe books easily available
Training videos
Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Remember: However you measure, be consistent. Use the same unit of measurement, and the same tools, and train your staff to do the same – at all your locations.

Achieve Portion Control With Inventory Management Software

Optimum Control has the built-in tools and calculations you need to track and improve your portion control efforts.

Features including our variance reports let you see exactly where your costs are out, pointing you to potential portion control issues so that you and your staff can get back to maximizing profitability.

Lower Your Costs. Boost Your Profits.

Our restaurant software gives you a complete and accurate view of your overall menu costs and a breakdown into all ingredients of each dish, empowering you to determine your optimal profitability with ease.

At the end of each period, utilize powerful usage reporting to identify variances from what was actually used versus what was ideal and identify over-portioning before it becomes a profit leak.

Portion Control with Optimum Control

  • Link your recipes to your POS system to identify your theoretical usages.
  • Automatically update your recipes as the price of your ingredients change.
  • Store your recipes in a central location and attach photos for your staff.
  • Set notifications on all price changes and see the impact instantly.
  • Make better decisions about your menu items that make your customers happy while protecting your profits.

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Restaurant Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what Optimum Control users have to say about taking control of their food costing and food cost calculations with our leading restaurant inventory management software.

“We purchased Optimum Control to assist us in our costing (food and beverage) and I have to say it is the best purchase we have made in 14 years. The best part of Optimum Control besides the price and what it is capable of doing is the support. Optimum Control support is the best I have ever had!”

– QB Sports Grill, ON, Canada

“There are so many GREAT things to say about Jeff Hands and his team at TracRite Software Inc. We have been using OC Pro and OC Labor Pro for almost 8 years. We love it!! We used to have the old spreadsheet method of Inventory Control counting. Most who use this system think they have an inventory control system using spreadsheets. But it doesn’t tell you anything. Who keeps the pricing updated in a spreadsheet?

With Optimum Control you can track your purchasing, credits, interface with QuickBooks, and much, much more. Now when we have an issue with an item you can focus your attention to that item and stop saying ‘watch your food costs’”.

– Tijuana Flat’s, FL, USA

“I have used many other food cost software programs in my career, but Optimum Control is by far the best. Terrific integration, easy to use across single or multi units, great reporting, and most importantly, verifiable cost savings and outstanding Customer Service from a Canadian Company!”

– Mother’s Pizza, ON, Canada

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