New Dashboard

  • As seen above you can now customize your dashboard so that it shows you the information that you want and need to see on a daily basis.
    This will help you identify any problems that may arise immediately.
  • Windows are now resizable and stretch to fit your monitor.
  • Customize your font and size.
  • The Help window is always available to the right of the Main desktop view.
  • All functions are available on the button bar and each window is intuitive, changing to provide functions required for what you need.
  • Icons! The dashboard now features icons everywhere to help guide you quickly through the program.

Items, Preps and Products


  • New “How do you use?” feature – Automatically load all conversions helping eliminate case size entry errors.
  • Reporting unit can be specified and changed (as long as conversion exists) at any time.
  • Improved filters with live listing always available.


  • Enhanced Recipe Editor lets your format recipes.
  • Import recipe instructions from Word.
  • Pictures can be imported directly to the database, eliminating links to folders.
  • Add Prep Station for prep sheets.
  • New feature calculates required prep for each day and creates prep sheets based on prep station, shelf life and day of the week.
  • Weekly Prep Sheets can be printed incorporating shelf and percentage increase.


  • Drill into each ingredient and know instantly if it is an item, prep or product.
  • Create multiple items, preps and recipes at the same time.
  • IRM (Item and Recipe Management) – Enhanced filter to get you to the information you need as well as additional functions for replacing ingredients and merging two items together.


  • Inventory Window is now a calendar rather than a list.
  • With the new calendar you can view all of your inventory counts for the month in one spot.
  • You can remove select items from a count sheet you don’t want to count or add/remove specific item case sizes. You can see what items have not been purchased for a long time and are dead stock and you can remove them from your count sheets.
  • Customize count sheets to one, two or three columns.
  • Adjust your count sheet and/or prep counts to easily recalculate inventory.


  • Order based on suppliers, create custom order sheets, par level, forecasting and order guides.
  • Add catering events to your orders.
  • Create you own export to suppliers with custom export creator.
  • Bid Lists and all functions pertaining to ordering are now in one window.
  • Create customer order guides that can automatically update as you add items to a supplier using dynamic supplier guides.
  • Flag orders received that have been receiving though digital import.
  • Detail split case ordering size with the click of a button.
  • See details of the case size you are ordering with drill down into the item for quick reference.
  • When ordering for multiple suppliers the items in the list auto sort to the supplier.
  • Load catering events to the order while in your new order to top up amounts.
  • Collapse all items down to groups for each selection of group for ordering.
  • Purchase order numbers can be assigned automatically and edited prior to creation of orders.
  • New Report – On Order and Order History Report.


  • Calendar view shows all invoices per date.
  • Set multiple invoices to paid with simple icon view.
  • New window to give you more information that you require. Credit requests can be added at any time.
  • Export invoices from the same view as invoice or bulk export from main menu.
  • Enhanced Invoice Import – Ability to configure the import to meet any supplier’s format, the invoice import module is even more powerful than before.


  • Group all outstanding Pending sales to one list and process all days at one time.
  • See all ignored sales items at a glance and whether there are sales amounts associated to them.
  • Setup new recipes, link to existing recipes and ignore or in-ignore in one intuitive window.
  • See Pending Sales on the new calendar
  • Enter waste by the units you desire. For example, if by weight select any weight unit to waste.


  • See detail reporting by customer as well as usage and event.
  • Add a gratuity to catering events
  • Add more special instructions to events.
  • New Calendar view allows you to see all your upcoming events at a glance.


  • 11 New Reports!
  • Set your favourite reports to easily find your most used each reporting period.
  • Export to Excel with one click.
  • Have multiple reports open at once.
  • Enhanced drill down allow you to drill into almost all reports for more information.
  • Usage Summary – Drill into all information, including where an item was counted, how often it was purchased an even drill into a specific invoice.
  • Usage Summary – Remove items with no data for that period from the report. If an inactive item has data during that date range it will appear in red.

OC Enterprise

  • When saving to desktop transactions are posted to Enterprise automatically – no more exporting.
  • Recipe sets can be loaded automatically when you log in or will appear on dashboard if you are already in the program for one easy click to download.
  • Recipe sets can overwrite or merge with existing items or recipes.
  • Add Items, Preps and Products from the website rather than at the desktop.

Other New Features

  • Security – users can be set to read only, full access or no access and/or update but not create new on every window.
  • Security – Period Accounting – Periods can be implemented with automatic lockouts for any information after period end.
  • All entries, edits and deleted are tracked in a log file and can be produced in one report – Accountability for employees.
  • Customizable exports to accounting.


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