It is our goal to make sure that our customers fully understand the power of Optimum Control!

TracRite Software offers a broad range of training packages and services to provide customers with the knowledge and skills to fully utilize Optimum Control.

Our training sessions are delivered through webinar using Go To Assist and Go To Meeting and require an internet connection.

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We offer 3 different training package options:

1 Hour $150.00
3 Hours $400.00
6 Hours $750.00


Session Key Points Estimated Time
Overview and Item Entry
  • Getting Familiar
  • Store Information
  • Supplier Information
  • Items Entry
45 minutes to 1 Hour
Prep and Product Entry
  • Prep Entry
  • Product Entry
  • POS Configuration
1 Hour
Purchasing, Sales and Inventory
  • Creating Orders
  • Entering Invoice and Credits
  • Entering Sales Information
  • Bid Lists and Par Levels
  • Customizing Count Sheets
  • Entering and Finalizing Inventory
1 Hour to 1.5 Hours
Review and Reporting
  • Review Inventory
  • Troubleshooting
  • Go over Reporting
1 Hour to 1.25 Hours
Review and Additional Modules
  • Review Usage Summary and other Reports
  • Go over any additional modules purchased
1 Hour


Note: Our Training sessions are taught in segments. To begin each session the previous session needs to be completed.

Do you have a scheduled training session?

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Database Analysis

We offer this service as a resource for customers who are struggling with their reporting numbers and require consulting services.

This service is available as a 3 hour package for $300.00.

Database Development/Creation

This service is offered to customers who would rather have our technicians create their database for them.

You would provide our technicians with your Supplier Order Guides as well as a list of all preps/sub recipes and menu items. We will then create your database for you including Items, Preps and Products – saving you the time.

This service is available at $100.00 per hour.

Item Import from Template

This service is offered to customers who would like to use a spreadsheet to build there database. This method saves time and requires very close attention to detail. Once completed, the template will be imported into your database by our technicians.

This service starts for $249.00.

If you would like to start this process and receive a copy of the Import Template please contact us.

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