What are the system requirements?

  • Minimum 2GHz dual core processor
  • Recommended 2.4 GHz Intel i3/i5, AMD A-Series, FX or higher
  • 4 GB Ram
  • 1GB Free Disk Space
  • Windows 7 or newer

Can I use Optimum Control on a MAC?

No. We are only able to support Optimum Control on a Windows operating system, but you can run OC on a MAC with a Windows emulator though.

How many computers can I install Optimum Control onto?

OC Professional entitles you to one license and OC Premier entitles you to three. You may also purchase additional computer licenses.

Can I install on my POS Server?


Do I need Special Permissions to install Optimum Control?

Yes, you must be logged in with a windows user account with administrator privileges.

Do I need internet access?

In order for our office to be able to support/train you, internet access is required.

Is someone going to be coming onsite to do the installation?

All installations, training and support are performed over the phone/internet using Fast Support or Go To Meeting.

Where should I install Optimum Control?

On the PC that you will be using as a work station for recipe costing and inventory control.


How big is the database / installation?

At least 150MB.

Can it work on a Virtual / Terminal Server?


Can I use Optimum Control on a network?


Does everything have to be under the same sub net?

In order for Optimum Control to work on a network, all computers must be under the same sub net.

How do I allow Optimum Control through a Firewall?

You must create an inbound and outbound rule for dbeng7.exe, ocontrol.exe, or dbsrv.exe if you are using the network version.

What is the Port Number?


Log In Questions

What is the default password?


Can I have multiple users/permissions?

Yes, they are located under File|Preferences|Manage Access| Access Levels.

Is there a character limit for my password?

Yes, 10 characters.

What is an ODBC Error?

It’s an interruption between the connection of your database to Optimum Control. This is possibly because the database is already running.


When should I use multiple count sheets?

When you need each sheet to be summarized individually before being combined and finalized as a whole (Ex. Separate sheets for Bar inventory, Food inventory, Paper goods).

Why do items appear twice in count sheets?

It could be secondary locations, additional case sizes or possibly a duplicate item entry.

Why are some items not on my inventory counts when I use lists?

When creating count sheets using inventory lists, the only items that will appear on the count sheets are the ones included on the inventory lists.

Why are new items not appearing when using lists?

Because new items must be manually added to inventory lists.

Sales Mix

How can I know if I have Pending Sales when I log in?

In File|Preferences|Settings, there’s an option to enable a reminder for pending sales.

Why can’t I import my sales?

One reason is because you’re using the wrong POS Import Configuration.

Why are sales missing or not balancing from my POS to OC?

There could be ignored POS IDs or Pending sales that are yet to be processed and added to the sales mix total.

Why can’t I import a file?

It may be that the file that you’re trying to import is already opened in Microsoft Excel which will prevent it from importing.


Once saved why can’t I change the total?

Because once it’s saved it becomes part of the purchase history for your database, a good alternative is to save the invoice as a template and re-enter it followed by deleting the incorrect invoice.

Why are invoices still showing up in the window when I have processed them?

If the supplier has included multiple invoices in the same EDI file, the ones that are already imported will still appear in the EDI window until all invoices from the EDI file have been imported into Optimum Control.

Why when I click to add taxes no taxes are available?

Because you must first go to File|Preferences|Taxes and adjustments to setup taxes so that they can be included in your invoices.

I've tried everything and my invoice is still off by $.01, why is this?

This is because your Supplier rounds their invoice items to the 4th decimal point and Optimum Control only rounds to two decimal points.

To fix this, go to the Accounts tab on the invoice window, click Add, and add 0.01 to a the desired account.