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Chefs in Kitchen

What’s the Ideal Menu Size?

Have you ever looked at your menu and wondered if it’s too large, or perhaps too small? By having an appropriately sized menu with a layout that makes sense, you could be making that much more money. Join us as we explore why having the largest menu isn’t the best course of action for your … Continued

Restaurant Consulting

When looking at how to set yourself up for success in managing your restaurant’s inventory, there are a number of key areas to examine and address to maximize your ROI. The BC Cook Articulation Committee identified five steps to effective inventory management. Set up systems to track and record inventory. Develop specifications and procedures for … Continued

Chef's Table

Chef’s tables have been an institution in many restaurants for years, and open kitchens are starting to make a resurgence, so we decided to examine whether these are a hindrance for kitchen staff, or a method of accountability? Naturally, we would believe that this causes a hindrance, as having more eyes on you will increase … Continued

Dish Prep

In a day and age where allergies to ingredients are becoming more and more common, being able to track these ingredients along with their nutritional information from prep to product is essential. By doing this, you’ll be able to safely, and accurately, list dishes properly on your menu; this in turn makes it easier for … Continued