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Food Costing Software

Restaurant Management Software with Built-In Food and Beverage Cost Calculator

Optimum Control restaurant inventory management software helps protect your business’ bottom line by streamlining your food and beverage costing with our recipe costing tools.

Like all of our inventory management software and solutions, recipe costing with Optimum Control is easy, intuitive and powerful. It can be used for your liquor, food, catering, retail food, beverage stores and more!

Optimum Control Food and Beverage Cost Software shows you how to:

Cut costs
Optimize profit

Lower your food and beverage costs and increase profits with our simple, effective recipe costing tools.

Control inventory

Food and Beverage Costing

Proper recipe costing is paramount to the success of your business, and is the only true way to calculate and maintain your actual profits. To make sure you drive both sales and profits, you need to be able to calculate the cost of preparing a bar or menu item, and the amount you should charge your customers for that item.

Use inventory management software to take control of your food and beverage recipe costs, reduce waste and ultimately boost profits. Recipe costing tools built into every Optimum Control product.

Our software can be integrated with your existing POS system, supplier and accounting systems, so you can get the information you need, when you need it!

Exact Recipe Costing for Increased Profits

With the click of a button, you can easily use our built-in food and beverage costing tools to get the true measure of your menu.

Optimum Control lets you instantly calculate and analyze:

  • Exact costs for every recipe, portion or plate on your menu.
  • Define expected yields of each prep and batch recipe for exact calculations.
  • React quickly to menu price changes as purchase costs fall or rise for any ingredient.
  • Identify profitability of recipes based selling price by cost percentage or gross margin.
  • Menu item analysis based on profitability and popularity.

Menu Costing and Menu Engineering Features

We’re the leading provider of restaurant inventory management software for a reason.

Optimum Control’s recipe costing tool allows you to easily and effectively control your food and beverage inventory costs to optimize your menu and profits.

Menu Engineering & Sales Mix Reporting

Analyze the profitability and popularity of all menu items. Make menu decisions based on detailed analysis.

Selling Price

Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage. Know your margins.

POS Integration

Link recipes to your POS system to identify theoretical usages based on actual sales.

Real-time Recipe Costs

Update recipe costs, or substitute ingredients, as inventory prices change.

Recipe Cards & Books

Input detailed preparation instructions, along with pictures, and print recipe books.

Nutrition & Allergen Reporting

Calculate and list nutritional analysis and allergens on every menu item.

How to Manage Your Food and Beverage Costing

The right recipe costing tools will help you achieve a balance between affordable pricing and increasing profits.

Optimum Control restaurant inventory management software makes food and beverage costing a smooth and efficient process in your day-to-day hospitality business operations.

Our all-in-one restaurant and bar management software simplifies the complexity of optimizing food and recipe costs in a spreadsheet with the genius of fully integrated desktop and mobile solutions.

Take control of your inventory. Get Optimum Control today.

Restaurant Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it. Read what Optimum Control users have to say about taking control of their food costing and food cost calculations with our leading restaurant inventory management software.

“We purchased Optimum Control to assist us in our costing (food and beverage) and I have to say it is the best purchase we have made in 14 years. The best part of Optimum Control besides the price and what it is capable of doing is the support. Optimum Control support is the best I have ever had!”

– QB Sports Grill, ON, Canada

“There are so many GREAT things to say about Jeff Hands and his team at TracRite Software Inc. We have been using OC Pro and OC Labor Pro for almost 8 years. We love it!! We used to have the old spreadsheet method of Inventory Control counting. Most who use this system think they have an inventory control system using spreadsheets. But it doesn’t tell you anything. Who keeps the pricing updated in a spreadsheet?

With Optimum Control you can track your purchasing, credits, interface with QuickBooks, and much, much more. Now when we have an issue with an item you can focus your attention to that item and stop saying ‘watch your food costs’”.

– Tijuana Flat’s, FL, USA

“I have used many other food cost software programs in my career, but Optimum Control is by far the best. Terrific integration, easy to use across single or multi units, great reporting, and most importantly, verifiable cost savings and outstanding Customer Service from a Canadian Company!”

– Mother’s Pizza, ON, Canada

Get started on saving money today. Get Optimum Control.