Tijuana Flat's


There are so many GREAT things to say about Jeff Hands and his team at TracRite Software Inc. We have been using OC Pro and OC Labor Pro for almost 8 years. We love it!! We used to have the old spreadsheet method of Inventory Control counting. Most who use this system think they have an inventory control system using spreadsheets. But it doesn’t tell you anything. Who keeps the pricing updated in an spreadsheet?

With Optimum Control you can track your purchasing, credits, interface with QuickBooks, and much much more. Now when we have an issue with an item you can focus your attention to that item and stop saying “watch your food costs”.

I’ve heard it so many times, we are working on food costs, and that means we aren’t doing anything. With Optimum Control, and the ability to view IDEAL vs. Actual you can see where the big losses are coming and then attack it. And every time we focus, we improve our food costs.

And during the 8 years that we have used Optimum Control they have developed some GREAT enhancements for the product!! For example, OC Sales Export which automatically loads your sales and sales mix from your POS, everyday!! Other examples include Nutritional Information, Allergens, and Unit of Measure conversions!!! If you have multiple locations, OC Enterprise allows you to send down to the restaurants any updates in Items, Products and Preps — no time lost in updating each location!!

In addition we use OC Labor Pro, an easy to use, simplistic staff scheduling system. In our business, our sales remain relatively the same a Monday is a Monday, a Tuesday is a Tuesday in terms of daily sales volume (lunch and dinner). Therefore you just make a “master schedule” for the week and drag and drop names. As a result, it will tell you if you are over budget or not! My managers have been able to gain control over labor costs and make sure we have the right people in the right positions. New managers who learn to schedule, now have the right tool to do the job – and no costly scheduling errors! Likewise, our employees receive their schedule by email – so no excuses for not knowing when they work, or phone calls in the middle of the shift asking when they come in!! Great for everyone!!

I can’t say enough good things about TracRite, the people, and the products!!
If you don’t have Optimum Control you should, it is not difficult to set up, and you will be surprised with what you learn when you establish your Menu pricing and see your actual costs!!

- Robert Cawthorn, Franchisee Partner

Smuggler's Inn

AB, Canada

Jeff Hands and his support team at Optimum Control over the past 2 years. Jeff was instrumental in our switching inventory systems, as his knowledge of Optimum Control is thorough and complete. I find Jeff very professional when I speak with him and always to resolve any issues that arise, allowing us to get back to work with minimal delays.

Jeff and his team have relieved the pressure of learning a brand new, robust system all at once. The program itself covers many gaps where other programs have fallen short. It is user-friendly, with many extras built in, such as nutritional information.

I would not hesitate recommending the services of Jeff Hands or the Optimum Control program, and will continue to use them in the future.

- Andrea Cintula, General Manager

Mother's Pizza

ON, Canada

I have used many other food cost software programs in my career, but Optimum Control is by far the best. Terrific integration, easy to use across single or multi units, great reporting, and most importantly, verifiable cost savings and outstanding Customer Service from a Canadian Company!

- Geeve Sandhu, Owner