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Optimum Control

Streamlined Restaurant Inventory Management

Optimum Control is a suite of easy-to-use restaurant inventory management tools for Windows-based desktop devices. Simply enter your inventory and invoices, and let our software do the rest.

Integrating with your existing POS, accounting, and supplier history, our software offers more than 70 reports to choose from, allowing you to pinpoint where there is money to be saved.

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Features & Benefits

Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Achieve Maximum Efficiency

Complement your existing processes; save labor & increase employee buy-in through easy-to-use, purpose-built software.

Eliminate Guesswork

Eliminate Guesswork

Put an end to costly errors in your operations utilizing targeted reporting and actionable insights.

Software everyone can use.

Data for Everyone

Whether you're in the kitchen, the back office, or at HQ, there's valuable data available at your fingertips.

Your best way to track and control food costing

Join thousands of customers globally, saving time and money with accurate recipe and food costing, using Optimum Control hospitality software.

“I have used many other food cost software programs in my career, but Optimum Control is by far the best. Terrific integration, easy to use across single or multi units, great reporting, and most importantly, verifiable cost savings and outstanding Customer Service from a Canadian Company!”

– Geeve Sandhu, Owner

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