Optimum Control
Restaurant Inventory Management Software

Optimum Control is a complete inventory management solution designed to help restaurants of all sizes maximize their bottom line through better food and bar inventory management.

Optimum Control

Your complete restaurant and bar software solution

Our software offers everything you need to boost your profits and productivity. We make processes from recipe costing, to ordering and purchasing, work better for you.

Whether you operate a restaurant or bar, catering business or multi-unit chain, there’s an Optimum Control solution for you. Our restaurant inventory management software allows you to optimize control of your business decisions and bottom line by harnessing the power of your desktop and iOS devices. If there’s a way your business can make and save more money, Optimum Control will help you find it.

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Easy, Intuitive, Powerful. Period.

Optimum Control is a suite of easy-to-use restaurant inventory management tools for desktop and iOS devices. Simply enter your inventory and invoices, and let our software do the rest.

Integrating with your existing POS, accounting, and supplier history, our software offers more than 70 report types to choose from, allowing you to pinpoint where in your business there is money to be saved.

Take control of your inventory and profits with Optimum Control!

Features & Benefits

Make and save more money.

Make and save more money.

Increase your margins and eliminate costly errors on your food.

No more guesswork.

No more guesswork.

Track and compare costs and sales on every food and bar item with precision.

Software everyone can use.

Software everyone can use.

Easy-to-use software, dedicated support, and training.

Your best way to track and control food costing

Join thousands of customers globally, saving time and money with accurate recipe and food costing, using Optimum Control hospitality software.

“I have used many other food cost software programs in my career, but Optimum Control is by far the best. Terrific integration, easy to use across single or multi units, great reporting, and most importantly, verifiable cost savings and outstanding Customer Service from a Canadian Company!”

– Geeve Sandhu, Owner

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