Version 5 is almost here!

You Heard Us Right!

For over 20 years Optimum Control has been saving hospitality operators time and money.  But now its time for a new Optimum Control— a total rebuild that will let you achieve everything quicker, more organized and with more detail.

Optimum Control Version 5 is built for the future, with tools that are built to work best with Windows 10 and beyond.

Optimum Control – Why Upgrade?

  • • Dashboards - As seen above you can now customize your dashboard for the information you
  • • Reporting – more detailed reporting with drill downs for even more detailed information. Exports to PDF and Excel are built in for complete control.
  • • Enhanced Invoice imports – with the ability to configure the import to meet any supplier’s format, the invoice import module is even more powerful. Imagine, a 5 page invoice entered in as little as a few seconds
  • • Prep Sheets – Optimum Control can calculate prep required for each day and theoretical usage taking the guess work out of daily production.
  • • Detailed recipe cards – import your recipes from word including all formatting and pictures for enhanced recipe books. Optimum Control now becomes an even more powerful training tool.
  • • See more information instantly – drill down and Icons make Optimum Control more intuitive.  In a recipe and want to see the details on an ingredient?.. simply click to open.  Need information on price changes for an invoice? ..click the icon to review.  Inventory adjustments – now adjust the count sheet rather than the totals, even adjust prep counts!! Every window has the details available with the click on an icon.
  • • Period accounting – periods can be implemented with automatic lockouts for any information after period end.
  • • On board help – detailed help that changes to reflect the window and function you are using, no more guesswork, see all the features of the window you are in and know its full potential
  • • Enterprise users – Head office work is now done on line! All recipes, accounts, groups, items and recipes are created and controlled form an on line portal.
  • • Enterprise Emailed reports –reports are generated automatically to who you choose. Imagine every Monday all the reports you need to better run your multi-unit chain are already on your desktop.
  • • To the minute reporting - All information from the stores is on line as its done providing virtually real time reporting, no more waiting until period end

  • There are many more new features available in the new release with more details coming soon!
Pricing for upgrade to start at $350.00 for a single workstation using OC Professional
Includes 1 year of technical support

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