sol-side7The Following are the most frequently asked questions regarding Optimum Control. If you cannot find your answer, please contact us for further assistance or visit our product pages for specific software information.

I don't have a lot of computer experience, will I still be able to use the program?
Yes, the program has been designed to be easy-to-use. If you know the food service industry, you know Optimum Control.
Is Optimum Control a POS or Touch Screen System?
No. First and foremost Optimum Control is a "Food Costing Program", that is designed to be used as a "back office" restaurant management tool by helping you cost out your recipes and track inventory. It will work in conjunction with your POS system.
Do I have to manually enter all my sales information?
Optimum Control provides two options. You can enter information manually by copying your till tape information ("z tape"). Using this method Optimum Control can list items in the same order as your till tape. The second option is to import information through your POS (or polling software) directly into the program.
Is Optimum Control an Accounting System or Program?
Optimum Control is not a FULL accounting system, rather a "back end" restaurant management program. It will interface with popular programs such as MYOB or QuickBooks. Sales information can be exported in other formats such as: MS Excel, dBase, 2/3, Lotus, MS Works, DIF, Text, Text With Headers, SQL, HTML and more. This will save you valuable time since Optimum Control "codes" your invoices only once allocating them to the appropriate accounts!

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