Features & Benefits

What makes Optimum Control better than the rest?

Optimum Control Software is designed to be an easy-to-use Restaurant Management software to help owners maximize profits by being able to calculate recipe costs, cut down on waste, reduce staff hours and track inventory more effectively.

Recipe Costing
  • • Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchased
  • • Setup case sizes by answering a few simple questions
  • • Yield trimmed items without creating a recipe
  • • Indicate the expected yield of each prep and batch recipe
  • • Find the true cost per portion for all recipes
  • • Include detailed preparation instructions along with pictures of the recipe
  • • Add sub-recipes as ingredients
  • • Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage
  • • Link recipes to your POS System to identity theoretical usages
  • • Recipe costs are updated as ingredient prices changes
  • • Count inventory by full case, split case and even recipe units
  • • Enter counts for as many locations per item as needed
  • • Customize count sheets to match your storage locations
  • • Format count sheets by location, group or even category
  • • Count one or more case sizes for each item
  • • Detail amounts of batch recipes on hand
  • • Perpetual counts stored for non-key items
  • • Import counts from a mobile device
  • • Re-date an inventory entered for the wrong date
  • • Adjust counts with full audit history
  • • Value inventory using FIFO, Last Cost or Average Cost
  • • Review Counts and Values
  • • Count using a PDA (OC Mobile) or scan barcodes for quick entry
  • • Create templates for commonly ordered items
  • • Order from multiple suppliers at once
  • • Export orders to many popular suppliers
  • • Request bids from all suppliers simultaneously
  • • Pick suppliers based on last supplier or best bid prices
  • • Track bids on every case size purchasable
  • • Verify orders with a receiving docket
  • • Choose the correct case size for the order
  • • Create forecasted orders based on per day usage, sales volume or present par levels
  • • Order by full or split cases
  • • Update or overwrite prices as you enter the invoice
  • • Create an invoice by receiving an order
  • • Export purchase transactions to many popular accounting systems
  • • Request a credit for stock return
  • • Apply taxes and adjustments to the cost of purchased items
  • • Update stock levels instantly
  • • Know that an invoice will only save when balanced
  • • Price changes flow through to all recipes
  • • Purchase an items in multiple case sizes
  • • Know which case sizes are purchased regularly
  • • Create templates for routine purchases
  • • Search by name or order code
  • • Import invoices electronically from supplier with our Invoice Import Module
  • • Import item sales from most POS systems
  • • Optional manual entry from customizable till tape lists
  • • Identifies ay changed buttons or additional menu items on the POS
  • • Daily Sales report—Detail sales per category
  • • Detail daily deposits and financial information
  • • Itemize Waste by raw item or finished recipe
  • • Automatic sales entry via OC Sales Export Utility for many popular POS Systems
  • • Over 70 Reports available organized by category
  • • Generate reports with just a few simple clicks of a mouse
  • • Filter reports to see the information you want
  • • Export reports to many popular file formats
  • Popular Reports include:
      • Usage Summary—Actual versus theoretical usage on every item in your inventory
      • Item Activity—Displays perpetual inventory quantities and values
      • Purchase Summary—Identify what was purchased from which supplier and how much you paid
      • Cost Analysis—Analyze cost of sales trends for up to four periods
      • Budget Variance—Identifies actual versus budgeted values per GL account
      • Menu Engineering—Analyze the profitability and popularity of all menu items
Catering and Event Management
  • • Detail event time, serve time and duration
  • • Base quote on selling price, cover price or even cost of sales percentage
  • • Extract stock from inventory once event is complete
  • • Print a confirmation so the client can sign off
  • • Display any special instructions required
  • • Keep a detailed file of all events
  • • Print a shopping list for each event
  • • View a scaled listing of all preps required
  • • Automatically create an order ready to upload to suppliers
Nutrition and Allergens
  • • Link ingredients to the USDA and Canadian Nutritional Databases.
  • • Enter Nutritional information directly from labels
  • • Create Nutritional labels for preps and products
  • • Run a report for all Allergens in your products
Additional Features
  • • Multiple revenue centers available
  • • Requisitions and transfers between revenue centers
  • • Retail Sales Module for commissary or external sales
  • Barcode labelling and printing for inventory and retail scanning
  • Web based Enterprise functionality available for chains and franchisees

Optimize Profitability
  • • Calculate selling price based on target cost percentage.
  • • Link recipes to your POS system to identify theoretical usages.
  • • Your recipe costs get updated as ingredient prices change.
  • • Determine the exact unit cost for every case size purchased.
Save time and Labor Costs
  • • Are you using spreadsheets to calculate recipe costs and track inventory? Optimum control will eliminate the time spent using spreadsheets drastically. Condense everything into one easy to use program.
  • • OC Sales Export Utility saves on the time spent manually entering your POS sales.
  • • The Invoice Import Module electronically imports your invoices from your suppliers in seconds.
  • OC Mobile allows you to count inventory from a mobile device instead of using count sheets.
  • OC Labor Pro allows you to create budgets using projected revenue and projected covers per labor hour.
Get the information you need to run your business
  • • Generate over 70 reports at just the click of a button.
  • • Filter reports to see the information you want and need to see.
  • • Pick suppliers based on best price.
  • • The Budget Variance Report will identify Actual versus Budgeted values for every GL Account.
  • • The Menu Engineering Report analyzes the profitability and popularity of all menu items.
Easy Setup!
  • • No computer experience? No Problem! If you know the food industry, you know Optimum Control.
  • • Setup case sizes by answering a few simple questions.
  • • Yield trimmed items without creating a recipe.
  • • Use duplicate function for similar items.
  • • Be up and going within a few days.
  • Database customization available.
Know your recipe costs and cost of sales
  • • Find out if you are charging the right prices for each of your menu items.
  • • Indicate the expected yield of each prep and batch recipe.
  • • Find the true cost per portion for all recipes.
  • • Include detailed prep instructions.
Account for all of your stock
  • • Identify what was purchased from which supplier and how much you paid for it.
  • • The Usage Summary Report gives you Actual versus Theoretical usage on every item. See what you used and what you should have used.
  • • The Item Activity Report displays perpetual inventory quantities and values.