RCS Catering Software

Optimum Control is proud to announce an integration with RCS Catering Software. We are a reseller of their catering system. This web based software offers an online ordering interface, CRM database, order taking, proposal creation, calendar, kitchen production management, marketing, reporting and accounting.

This web based system allows you and your team (unlimited users and transactions per location) to work from your web browser. This system is a perfect blend of an operational and marketing system to help you maximize your catering sales and minimize your headaches.

Price: Started at $129/month

Ideal for: Restaurants That Cater / Catering Companies

Compatible with: Windows PC and Mac (Web Based)

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RCS Catering Software Features

Lead Capture
» From web enabled forms to a simple, yet robust CRM database, you have a home for all your catering prospects.

Lead Nurturing
» The fortune’s in the follow up with our nurturing system; emailing, calling, and direct mail help convert more sales.

Proposal Creation
» Stop wasting hours on proposals. Our easy templates give you a full blown formatted proposal after all event information is entered.

Order Taking
» Entering orders is quick and easy with our Quick Order Interface.

Customer Service
» Look like a top notch organization by accessing client orders, proposals, invoices, and more in seconds.

Manage Production
» Save hours a day with detailed production reports, pull sheets, order labels, and delivery coordination.

Online Ordering
» Free up your time while offering your clients the convenience of online ordering that feeds directly into our catering software.

Email Marketing
» A fully functional email engine allows you to promote to your clients and prospects on a regular basis.

Rebooking System
» Lock in repeat sales with a Rebooking System that reminds you to get your client’s next order.

Client Nurturing
» Get more than your share of your client’s catering budget with a client nurturing system that makes you their #1 choice for catering.

Save Lost Clients
» Eliminate lost clients forever with our system to identify and win back lost/inactive clients.


Sales Tempo Lead Nurturing Machine

Sales Tempo Lead Nurturing Machine

Rapid Order Entry Interface

Rapid Order Entry Interface

Plug and Play Email Template

Plug and Play Email Template

Kitchen Production Report- Tablet Version

Kitchen Production Report- Tablet Version