Optimum Control Professional is our most popular software. Take control of all your fundamental inventory needs: recipe costing, reporting, ordering, purchasing, catering, event management and nutritional analysis in one, easy-to-use platform.

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Optimum Control Premier includes all the fundamental features of OC Pro, PLUS valuable add-ons for larger and multi-chain operations: multiple profit centers, stock requisitions, consolidated ordering, stock transfers, usages per area and enhanced security.

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Optimum Control Enterprise is our powerful web-based application designed to manage and sync items and recipes from a central database for all your stores. Get all the great features of OC Pro PLUS consolidated, store-level reporting for all units and selected regions on usages, purchases and sales information.

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$1295.00* $3600.00* Call for Pricing
Food And Liquor Recipe Costing
Sales Mix (Menu Analysis)
Daily Sales Financial Reporting
Catering And Banquets
Reporting(Total Included) 71 84 ??
Theoretical cost of sales for every menu item and group
Usage Summary - Actual vs. Theoretical
Accounting: P&L, Invoice Detail, GL Account and many more
Nutritional Analysis And Allergens
Requisitions And Transfers Between Stores
Consolidated Ordering
Networking Between Workstations
Workstations Included 1 3 ??
Revenue Centers Included 1 5 ??
Technical Support Included 1 Year 1 Year 1 Year
Optional Features
Invoice Import Module
Automatic POS Sales Import
OC Mobile