OC Mobile – Inventory

OC Mobile Inventory is a powerful add-on tool for streamlined inventory management on your Apple mobile device. So simple and intuitive – no training is necessary to use this app and watch your profits increase.

Bundle with: OC Pro or OC Premier

Price: $20/month

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OC Mobile-Inventory Features


  • Save valuable time and resources with digital vs. printed inventory count sheets.
  • Avoid costly errors by eliminating messy writing and copying mistakes on count sheets.


  • Organize your digital count sheets to match your storage areas and counting order.
  • Search your inventory quickly and easily – no more flipping through printed sheets trying to find items.

Easy to Use

  • Send whole inventories from Optimum Control to your device with the click of a button.
  • Use the built-in camera to quickly scan bar codes – and easily assign the right bar codes to un-coded items on the fly.
  • Count on or offline – load your inventory to your device and count without Internet connection, even from the basement freezer!
  • Load the app to your preferred Apple mobile device – OCMobile-Inventory works with newer versions of iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch and your OC Pro or Premier software.

Take control of your inventory. Add OCMobile-Inventory to your Optimum Control today.

Free Trial Buy Now