OC Labor Pro

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OC Labor Pro is designed for business operators who are looking for a comprehensive labor management suite. Includes drag and drop scheduling, payroll reporting and even email staff schedules.

Price: $499.00

Ideal for: Restaurant/Hospitality, Retail, Clinics, Healthcare, Office

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OC Labor Pro Features

Simple "Drag & Drop" Interface
  • » Create streamlined schedules, eliminating cumbersome pencil and paper or spreadsheets
  • » Assign an employee by dragging and dropping them into the required position
  • » View a graphical representation of all shift coverage
  • » Build schedule templates to use and copy over for each week

Advanced Scheduling 
  • » Indicate vacation times, requested time off and availability per employee and the OC Labor Pro's Availability Filter will notify you of scheduling conflicts
  • » Create and print, email, or post to the web your staff schedules in just minutes
  • » Assign staff different pay rates for different positions

Detailed Labor Costs
  • » Enter a desired labor percentage and even covers per labor hour and OC Labor Pro will inform you when your budget is exceeded
  • » Compare budgeted hours to actual hours

POS Integration
  • » Import punch cards from Squirrel or Aloha (Requires Import Module -$300.00)
  • » Run and export payroll reports, ready to upload to many popular payroll systems

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OC Labor Pro is an easy to use, simplistic staff scheduling system. In our business, our sales remain relatively the same – a Monday is a Monday, a Tuesday is a Tuesday in terms of daily sales volume. Therefore you just make a “master schedule” for the week and drag and drop names. As a result, it will tell you whether you are over budget or not! My managers have been able to gain control over labor costs and make sure we have the right people in the right positions. New managers who learn to schedule, now have the right tool to do the job – and no costly scheduling errors! Likewise, our employees receive their schedule by email – so no excuses for not knowing when they work! Great for Everyone!!"

Robert Cawthorn, Franchise Partner, Tijuana Flats Burrito Company

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With your purchase of OC Labor Pro you will receive 1 year of technical support free.

After the first year you can either upgrade to the next version of OC Labor Pro that is available or you can remain on the same version but your technical support contract will expiry.
How can I get the application to work for users on a Windows NT 4 or users without administrative rights on a Windows XP machine? For users running the application on a Windows NT 4 or Windows XP machine without administrative rights please download the following file and copy it to your dbi Staff Scheduler application directory (by default this would be C:\Program Files\DBI Staff-Scheduler v2.5 SU). http://www.staff-scheduler.com/Download/dbiSS25SUNT.exe This file replaces the existing dbiSS25SU.exe file. To install the new version, delete or rename the dbiSS25SU.exe file currently in the directory and rename the dbiSS25SUNT.exe file to dbiSS25SU.exe. This file has a modified security wrapper that allows non-administrative users on a Windows NT 4 or Windows XP machine to run the application without having administrative rights. NOTE: For non-administrative rights users under Windows XP - Once the file has been installed it must first be run by a user with administrative rights to create the license file in the root directory of the hard drive containing the application. Once the file has been created, the administrator must assign rights to all users by run the following at the command prompt (Please note the "C:" designation in the command below must be changed to match the drive letter of the drive containing the application in your installation) ... "echo y|cacls c:\pcgwin32.li3 /g Everyone:F"

Is the dbi Staff Scheduler software multi-user? Yes. The dbi Staff Scheduler software has been designed to run as a stand-alone application (single user connected to a local database) or as a multi-user application, i.e. multiple users connected to a centralized database.

How do I set up the software for multiple users? It is important to note that the software is licensed per machine and therefore the install must be run on each machine on which the application is to be run. To configure the software for multi-user access to the database:
  1. Run the install you downloaded on a client machine on which the application is to be run.
  2. Copy the "TSData25.TSD" file from the "C:\Program Files\DBI Staff-Scheduler v2.5 SU\Data" directory to a location on a server to which all of the clients (computers on which the application is to be run) are connected. NOTE: This file is where the data for the application is stored.
  3. Remove or rename the "C:\Program Files\DBI Staff-Scheduler v2.5 SU\Data" sub-directory on the client machine. NOTE: This is the database that the application in single-user mode connects to by default.
When you start the application, it will not find the database to connect to. You will be prompted to select a location. Browse to the location on the server that you copied the "TSData25.TSD" file. From that point forward the application will be connected to that database. Repeat the above steps 2 and 3 for each client machine to be connected to the database.

What happens if more than one user is working on the same Schedule Plan simultaneously?
Whereas multiple user editing of a schedule plan is not recommended, Staff Scheduler conflict checks based on the data in the database, not on the data loaded into the schedule planner. Accordingly, as changes occur due to the input of each user, conflicts are reported correctly although they are not reflected in each users screen. The "Refresh Schedule" action (Alt+Z) located under the View menu in the main menu will refresh the schedule plan with all changes from any user at any time. If multiple user/simultaneous editing of a schedule plan is required, it is highly recommended that each user refresh their schedules as often as possible to insure their display is reflecting the most up-to-date information.

Can I set up a coverage requirement and have Staff Scheduler automatically assign personnel to positions/tasks?
No. There is no "auto generating' features in the software for one button creation of schedules. There is however a very powerful "Copy Schedule" feature that allows you to set up a plan (with or without staff assignments) and copy that plan to create a new plan. In essence you can create a schedule plan that defines your Position/Task requirements including start and end times and the number of staff required, and use that to create any new schedule plan. Once copied all you would have to do is drag and drop the staff members onto the time bars. NOTE: If your staff remains fairly constant from one schedule to the next, you could create the first schedule including staff assignments and use that plan as the basis for new schedule plans.

Am I limited to 7 day schedules?
Definitely not! Schedule plans can be for any number of days. Normal schedule cycles vary from 1 day to 28 days (or even monthly). The comprehensive department or organization-wide schedules produced from the schedule plans can be 7 day or 28 day views. Individual schedules can be for any defined period of time (start date to end date).

Do I have to set up and use the Labor Burden functionality in the software?
No. If you do not set daily revenue budgets or default wages the budget analysis detail will report N/A for the labor burden.

Do I have to set up and use the Staff Availability functionality?
No. If you set the "Conflict Check Employee Availability" check box off in the System form, the software will not conflict check based on Staff Availability, and will not require you set up the availability of each staff member.

Can I select and copy more than one time bar at a time?
No. Due to the potential for multiple simultaneous conflicts arising for each time bar being copied, multiple time copying is not supported. You may copy individual time bars from one day to the next with or without their staff assignment.

How do I license the Staff Scheduler software?
Start the Staff Scheduler software on your computer, leaving it on the License Activation form and either send an email to activations@tracrite.net with your MID and Site Code from the License Activation form on your computer, or call us directly at 1-888-798-5555 and give us your codes this way. If you send the codes via email, you will receive an email back with your valid Initialization Code. If you call us, this will be done over the phone. When you receive the Initialization code, enter it into the Init Code field beside the Unlock application radio button in the License Activation form on your computer. For more information please refer to the "Unlock (License)" topic in the User Guide or Online Help. IMPORTANT: Please make a hard copy backup of the Init code (in a text file or hand written document) for your records. The Init code is used to transfer the license to a new computer from a licensed computer or to remove a license.

How do I transfer the license from my current computer to a different computer?
Install and run the software on the new computer. Press the Scroll Lock key on the old computer and run the software. When the software starts up the licensing form will appear. Click on the Transfer radio button. Enter the original Initialization Code in the Init code field and the site code from the new computer's licensing form into the New Site code field in the old computer's licensing form. Press the Continue button to obtain the new Init code for the software on the new computer. Enter the new Init code into the new computer before pressing the OK button and closing the transfer dialog on the old machine. IMPORTANT: Please make a hard copy backup of the new Init code (in a text file or hand written document) for your records. The Init code is used to transfer the license to a new computer from a licensed computer or to remove a license. For more information please refer to the "Transfer License" topic in the User Guide or Online Help.

I get an error message when I first run the application ... "Component "ctExplorer.ocx" or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid." What should I do?
This error occurs because an old version of the MFC42.dll (Microsoft Foundation Class library) requires updating. To download the latest version of the file, please navigate to: http://activeX.Microsoft.com/controls/vc/mfc42.cab. When the cab file has been downloaded, open it up and run the mfc42.exe file to install the update. Once the new MFC42.dll has been installed, please uninstall the staff scheduler application and re install the staff scheduler software.