OC Enterprise

Optimum Control Enterprise is our powerful web-based application designed to manage and sync items and recipes from a central database for all your stores. Get all the great features of OC Pro PLUS consolidated, store-level reporting for all units and selected regions on usages, purchases and sales information.

Ideal for: Multi Chain Units

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OC Enterprise Features


  • Optimize profitability based on selling price, cost percentage or gross profit.
  • Develop new menu products in minutes, not hours.
  • Analyze the profitability and popularity of all items on your menu.
  • Effectively plan and cost out all your banquet, buffet and catering events.
  • Calculate the price-per-person of your events based on selling price, cover price or even cost percentage to maximize profitability.


  • Take control of your inventory with precise menu costing.
  • Determine the exact cost per unit on all your inventory items.
  • Count inventory quickly with detailed count sheets sorted by location or even customized to match your storage areas.
  • Create comprehensive reports – more than 70 detailed report types to choose from, including comparisons of actual vs. theoretical usage.
  • Web-based consolidated reporting means head office maintains how items and recipes are reported, allowing stores to report in different pack sizes.
  • Reports can be run for a single period or over multiple periods.
  • Reports can also be run for all stores, a region, a group, or selected stores.
  • Additional reports available: usage summary, sales mix, purchasing.
  • All reports have the ability to “drill down” to the item and store level, identifying problem areas fast.

Easy to use

  • Simplify ordering with the quick and easy-to-use drag and drop feature.
  • Create effortless forecast orders based on usage per day, by sales volume or pre-set par levels.
  • Identify price increases and add additional pack sizes – all from one window.
  • Convert orders to invoices in seconds.
  • Integrate your systems by importing information from virtually all Point-of-Sale (POS) systems and even export to popular accounting systems.
  • Streamline access with enhanced security that details and assigns levels for every user – each staff, region, store or organization has access to only their own areas and reports.
  • Download all reports to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation or upload to other applications.
  • Comprehensive validation for data uploads and authentication.
  • Data uploads check for authorization codes, information integrity and store information to make sure data is uploaded correctly and verified.


  • Stores can requisition stock from main stores or any other area within the operation.
  • Require approval of the sending store, a good double-check for stock being transferred.
  • Consolidate all requisitions by main stores to create one order for your suppliers.
  • Once orders are received, requisitions can be made into transfers with the click of a button.
  • Maintain recipes from head office: recipe sets created at head office can be exported to the complete chain, a region, group, or even selected stores.
  • Any changes to the head office recipe database are flagged automatically and are ready for export to the stores.
  • New recipe updates can be emailed to stores directly for manual import or uploaded to your OC Enterprise website to be automatically downloaded.
  • Once stores have downloaded a new import, information about when it was downloaded successfully is stored in your system, enabling head office to know exactly who has current recipe changes.
  • Easy upload to create recipe sets for reporting at website level.
  • Stores can be set to manually download or automatically download using windows scheduler.
  • Any new recipe changes will be added automatically and reports can be printed at store level indicating changes made.

Take control of your chain-wide inventory. Get OC Enterprise today.

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