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Web based application designed for chain operations who want to manage items and recipes from a central database and sync with all stores. Consolidated reporting for all stores, selected regions or even down to the store level displaying usages, purchases and sales mix information.

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Ideal for: Multi Chain Units

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OC Enterprise Features

Enhanced Security
  • » Detail users and security access.
  • » Identify who can access what reports and which regions, stores or organizations can be viewed.
  • » Comprehensive validation for data uploads and authentication.
  • » Data uploads checking for authorization codes, information integrity and store information to make sure data is uploaded correctly and verified.

Maintain Recipes From Head Office
  • » Recipe sets can be created and exported from head office to the complete chain, a region, group or even selected stores.
  • » Any changes to the head office database are flagged automatically and are ready for export to the stores.
  • » New updates can be emailed to stores directly for manual import or uploaded to your OC Enterprise website to be automatically downloaded.
  • » Once stores have downloaded a new import, store information about when it was downloaded successfully is listed on the website enabling you to know exactly who has the current recipe changes.
  • » Easy upload to create recipe sets for reporting at website level.
  • » Stores can be set to manually download or automatically download using windows scheduler.
  • » Any new recipe changes will be added automatically and reports can be printed at store level indicating changes made

Web Based Consolidated Reporting
  • » Head office maintains how items and recipes are reported allowing stores to report in different pack sizes.
  • » Reporting can be run for single period or over multiple periods.
  • » Reports can also be run for all stores, a region group of even selected stores.
  • » Reports available: Usage summary, sales mix, purchasing.
  • » All available with ability to “drill down” to the item and store level identifying problem areas fast.
  • » All reports can be downloaded to Microsoft Excel for further manipulation or upload to other applications.

Optimum Control Enterprise is designed for Multi Unit chains to give head office personnel the ability maintain a synchronized set of recipes and also have detailed inventory and sales information from a web based reporting system.

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If you have Multiple locations, OC Enterprise is the software for you! It allows you to send down any new Ingredient, Prep or Product to each location or a selected few. No time will be lost updating each location!"

Robert Cawthorn, Franchise Partner, Tijuana Flats Burrito Company


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