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Optimum Control Professional is our most popular software. With over 70 Reports Available it is perfect for anyone who wants full functionality complete with Recipe Costing, Inventory Control, Ordering, Purchasing, Catering and Event Management and Nutritional Analysis.
Ideal for customers such as hotels, golf courses and resorts. OC Premier includes all the functionality of OC PRO with the addition of multiple profit centers, stock requisitions, consolidated ordering, stock transfers and usages per area.

Web based application designed for chain operations who want to manage items and recipes from a central database and sync with all stores. Consolidated reporting for all stores, selected regions or even down to the store level displaying usages, purchases and sales mix information.

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Popular Add Ons

OC Labor Pro is designed for business operators who are looking for a comprehensive labor management suite. Includes drag and drop scheduling, payroll reporting and even email staff schedules.
OC Mobile for Pocket PC is a powerful tool to facilitate counting inventory using your preferred Pcoket PC. So simple and intuitive that no training is necessary. OC Mobile is ideal for All OC Professional and Premier users.

This utility exports product sales automatically from many popular POS Systems.
It can also be configured to process sales directly into Optimum Control daily.
This module electronically imports your invoices from many suppliers as well as updates your prices and stock levels automatically.