OCMobile – Pocket PC



OCMobile for Pocket PC enables you to count inventory, create orders and specify requisitions using a mobile device. Avoid dual entry by uploading completed counts and orders with the click of a button.

Price: $399.00

Ideal for: All OC Pro and OC Premier users.

Order by phone: 1-888-798-5555

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OCMobile Features

Inventory Counting
  • » Upload count sheets from optimum Control with the click of a button.
  • » Enable barcode scanning feature to save even more time.
  • » Scanner learns codes and allows you to assign to an item. All codes are then uploaded to Optimum Control.
  • » Upload completed counts for viewing and summarizing.

  • » Load supplier order sheets and make your orders quickly and efficiently.
  • » Use usage per day information to create accurate orders.
  • » Upload to order window allowing Optimum Control to pick last supplier or best bid price
  • » Use barcodes to scan order items for suppliers.

Stock Requistions (OC Premier Only)
  • » Upload your order sheets from the requisition window, upload and select which store you want to get your stock from.

Call us today at 1-888-798-5555 to order OCMobile and TAKE CONTROL with OPTIMUM CONTROL.

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The ability of OCMobile to upload data into the program in seconds has saved me countless hours of data entry as well as a great deal of paper. Using OCMobile has become as significant to me as Salt!"

Barry Saunders, Executive Chef,
Inn at the Forks

Support for the OCMobile is included with your OC Professional or OC Premier support contract.

If you are on the current version of Optimum Control your OCMobile software is supported as well.
What kind of Handheld unit do I need to use OCMobile? OCMobile is designed to be used on a Windows Pocket PC 2003 or newer system or Windows mobile.

Can OCMobile work on a CE based system? OCMobile only works on a Pocket PC or Windows mobile handheld device.

What kind of bar code scanner should I use? Both Symbol and Socket based scanning systems will work fine. Any Pocket PC using the correct operating system and has bar code scanning capabilities can be used.

Can I use more than one OCMobile for a single inventory? For example, I have three managers and want them each to count their own categories of inventory and consolidate the information to one inventory count. Yes. The program is designed to ask you whether you want to overwrite or Add the new counts to the existing.

Can I create bar codes for things like batch recipes? Optimum Control contains a feature that allows you to generate a bar code and label that can be printed using a Brother QL570 label printer. These labels will allow you to scan your inventory and also create “price tags” to go on to your shelves.

Does OCMobile work wirelessly? No. OCMobile uses Active sync to transfer data to the computer through a USB cord or the handheld’s cradle.

Can I use the PDA to receive inventory? No. OCMobile can used to create the orders and upload to suppliers. The scanning of invoices to receive is not an option at this time. The EDI import for Optimum Control is a better solution as it allows you to download directly into the software.

Does TracRite Software Inc. sell PDA’s or mobile computers? TracRite Software Inc. does not sell any hardware. Please consult your local retailer or online suppliers.

How many computers can I install the Pocket PC Software on? You can install the Desktop version of the Pocket PC on one machine only. The OCMobile software gets linked to the machine and the license of Optimum Control it is installed to.

If I have made a change to my inventory on the PDA can I re-upload my data? Yes. Every time you go to upload your data, you will need to re-export your data from the PDA.

Which Mobile Devices work best with OCMobile?
We recommend the Motorola MC55 and the Unitech PA500-2. These are two devices that we have tested with OCMobile Software and we know work well.