Title/ Content
How to Build an ItemTravis RaccioOptimum Control: How to build an Item
How to Build PrepsTravis RaccioOptimum Control: How to build Preps
How to Build ProductsTravis RaccioOptimum Control: How to build Products
How to Link Products to POSTravis RaccioOptimum Control: How to Link Products to POS
How to Enter Invoices (Manually)Travis RaccioOptimum Control: How to Enter Invoices (Manually)
How to Take InventoryTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Taking Inventory
How to use the Item Import TemplateTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Item Import Entry
How to Enter WasteTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Waste Log
How to Use OCMobile - InventoryTravis RaccioOptimum Control: How to Use OC Mobile for iOS
How to Use the Catering WizardTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Catering Wizard
How to Set Up OC Sales ExportTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Setting up OC Sales Export
Creating Inventory ListsChris Wadham - ROIInventory Lists for Optimum Control Version 4.0
How to Take InventoryChris Wadham - ROIOptimum Control Inventory Taking Version 4.0
Tracking Allergens- UK EditionCompetitive Contract ServicesTracking Allergens - UK Edition

Reporting Videos

Title/ Content
Menu Engineering WorksheetTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Menu Engineering Worksheet
Usage Summary ReportTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Usage Summary Report
Review Inventory ReportTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Review Inventory Report
Price Variance ReportTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Price Variance Report to POS
Menu Product Detail ProblemsTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Menu Product Detail Problems Report
Waste LogTravis RaccioOptimum Control: Waste Log