Our Story

Pic of Building

TracRite Software Inc has been building and developing the Optimum Control Software brand since 1997. The company is based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada with an extensive dealer network throughout the world.


In the early 90's Jeff Hands, a restaurant operator, was looking for an inventory program that was affordable to the average restaurant operator and would provide the tools required to run his business effectively. After searching with no luck, he teamed up with some programmers and the first version - Optimum Control Version 1.5 - was born.

TracRite Software Inc. began as Jeff and a pager working from his home. Once word got out about the capabilities of Optimum Control, Jeff moved into his first office on Regent Avenue but this wouldn't be the last office move for TracRite Software...


In May 2012 Version 4.0 was released, our 11th and most current version. We have introduced many new features and modules for Optimum Control over the past 17 years, and we aren't slowing down. In 2008 we introduced our Enterprise functionality for Multi Chain Restaurants. In 2013 we introduced OC Labor with Web based Reporting Capabilities and Online Scheduling and in April 2014 we will be releasing OC Mobile for iOS.

We are currently developing Optimum Control Version 5.0 using the latest .net environment. Our vision is to create more versatility with Reporting functions as well as enhanced capabilities for Enterprise customers. To keep up with the fast paced technology world, we are testing Optimum Control for use with Windows based tablets.

Because we have grown so quickly TracRite Software has moved offices four times expanding our office space significantly each time. We are now located in a beautiful office overlooking the river with lots of room to expand in the heart of Winnipeg in Osborne Village.

The company and the software have remained true to their roots. Development has always and continues to be driven by feedback from the operations level and goes through extensive "true operations" testing prior to full release. From its simple beginnings, the software is now used extensively throughout North America and in over 45 other countries.

Jeff Hands remains with the company in the role of President and Chief Visionary. And yes, he still makes a great bean burrito!