Everything you need to Maximize Profits is right here
with Optimum Control Restaurant Management Software

<p style=  Recipe Costing

" />

  Recipe Costing

  • Calculate sub recipe costs
  • Calculate food/ liquor costs and usages
  • Calculate gross profit for every menu Item

<a href=Inventory Control" /> Inventory Control

  • Value using FIFO, Last Cost or Average Price
  • Calculate theoretical usage and costs
  • Customize count sheets

<a href=Ordering " /> Ordering

  • Print order guides by supplier and groups
  • Upload orders to suppliers online
  • Compare pricing between suppliers

<span>Everything you need to Maximize Profits is right here</span><br/>with Optimum Control Restaurant Management Software<br/>
<a href=Concise Reporting" /> Concise Reporting

Over 70 reports available including:

  • Actual vs. theoretical comparison
  • Profit and Loss, Invoice Detail and many more

<a href=Catering & Banquets" /> Catering & Banquets

  • Detail event time, serve time and duration
  • Calculate cost per person for any event
  • Print stock required list for each event

<a href=Multi Unit Chains" /> Multi Unit Chains

  • Web based application for chain operations
  • Export new recipes to all or select locations
  • Consolidated reporting

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